BARR Systems


Whatever output management solution you need, Barr Systems delivers – Accounting and Reporting, Output Management, Document Reengineering and Mainframe Connectivity.


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Your information is one of your most strategic assets. You can count on EMC2 to keep innovation ways to store, protect, optimize, and leverage information, all with the aim of contributing to your ongoing success.

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Solimar Systems


Solimar solutions satisfy a wide range of customer requirements by combining integrated connectivity, data stream transforms, print optimizations, document re-engineering/repurposing and sophisticated print queue management with secure web-based document presentment, distribution and tracking.

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GMC Software Technology


GMC Software Technology helps businesses implement high impact, personalised communications programs that increase customer satisfaction and loyalty, drive new customer acquisition, improve productivity and cut costs. Their PrintNet software is an easy to implement, end-to-end solution that provides full data integration and processing, design and composition, collaboration and approval, distributed output management and process automation for highly targeted print and electronic communications.

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Prism Software

DocFormLogoDocForm is a powerful communication application for all your personalised production print and electronic communications. Make your print communications more effective by supplementing them with personalised electronic communications such as personalised web pages, HTML emails, and phone texts.

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