By David Jenkin

With crime and corruption so commonplace it’s a sad reality that we all have to be inconvenienced as the powers that be do what it takes to disrupt the criminal element. That could mean sitting in traffic at a roadblock, or it could mean dealing with a pile of paperwork such as FICA documents. A new product is, however, making the latter a lot easier.

Even though there is a very good reason for the law’s existence, the time and resources spent on keeping the documents required for FICA compliance in order is non-refundable. So if that process could be expedited it translates into cash-in-hand. The way to achieve that is through digitization and automation, and the technology to make that possible is now available.

EDDBOX utilises the cloud to store documents like FICA information, and it does so intuitively. The result is that when it comes to sending off that information the process couldn’t be simpler, requiring just a click or two and the recipient’s email address. It’s a paperless process that saves oodles of time and hassle.

The first step is to get all service providers set up with electronic correspondence, which more and more people are already doing, receiving bills from the municipality and statements from their bank via email. Users are given an EDDBOX email address which, when cc’d, will automatically save the attached document to a folder in the user’s EDDBOX account. The user will also be given some flexibility in what rules apply allowing for a tailor-made solution. This will ensure that all the latest information is always in the right place, easy to find, encrypted, and readily available.

The documents can even be accessed and sent off from a mobile device, which essentially means that they are always on hand wherever in the world the user may be – thanks to the modern marvel that is cloud storage. There’s no need to do anything beyond the initial setup which will include scanning and uploading the necessary paper-based documents, designating the destination folders for the electronic documents and creating any necessary parameters.

After that, when new documents are added to EDDBOX, a notification is sent to the user via email. With any service providers that for whatever reason will not cc another address in their correspondence, the user can simply forward the mail to their EDDBOX address. Only the attachment will be saved to the folder.

No longer should FICA be a source of stress, frustration and wasted time spent sorting through documents, or standing in line with a heap of papers only to find out that one important document is missing. Technology like the cloud is meant to make life simpler and easier, and EDDBOX does just that.