Innovation was key when NWK Ltd made a brilliant decision that helped them beat tough times. NWK Ltd is involved in a wide spectrum of activities such as Silo Services; Grain Marketing; Agri Advice; NWK Trade which offers a range of high-quality inputs and consumer goods at competitive prices and NWK Liquid Fertilizer. The company also has a variety of services from insurance to financing and several subsidiaries including, Epko, Noordfed, Opti Feeds, Opti Chicks and NWK Boerdery.

Month end at NWK Limited consisted of removing up to 20 non-finance staff members to utilise for the processing and compilation of statements and duplicate invoices to NWK’s customers.

With up to 3000 debtors and multiple invoices, this was a massive job for the finance department that services all NWK businesses. Further compounding the problem was relying on the Post Office to deliver on time, which could impact the company’s ability to collect its cash quickly.

NWK has a range of different debtors including normal trade and various financing products with different terms from loans, higher purchase items to monthly accounts. The complexity of these multiple products meant that skilled staff was required and NWK could not justify the staff costs related to hiring full time. So the burden fell to highly skilled staff within the business who were taken away from their jobs at the end of the month to get it done.

NWK looked at various solutions and ACTNET with its EDD (Enterprise Document Delivery) solution came out tops due to their professionalism and knowledge of their business which assured a smooth transition.

“The next step for us is to convert all our customers to receive invoices and statements electronically because it is quicker, more cost effective and reliable,” said Fancois De Kock, Manager.

By taking the step to do all their paperwork electronically NWK Ltd beat their tough times quickly, professionally and with a smile on their face.



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Actnet Print Concepts (Pty) Ltd (ACTNET) is a privately owned company that was established in 1987. It solves enterprise document problems fast and cost effectively through a range of solutions, gives its clients complete control over the printing, distribution, archiving and retrieval of all their paper and electronic documents. They have developed their own solutions specifically tailored to the document management and compliance requirements, and in addition, distribute the world’s best enterprise print products and solutions.

ACTNET is rated as a level 3 contributor BBBEE company and includes many Top 100 South African companies amongst its partners and customers. Details provided on request.


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