Been affected by the post office strikes? A bit of innovative thinking can go a long way. When it comes to month-end, distributing statements and invoices by post becomes a problem when relying on the post office to deliver on time. The time wasted to get these documents delivered could impact a company’s ability to collect its revenue.

Adding to one’s problem, amazingly the postal services are the last big problem on your list when it comes to distributing documents to your customers.

When month-end comes knocking many companies enrol the assistance of additional staff from various departments to facilitate the processing of statements and invoices for their customers.

The process of collating customers’ Statements, Invoices and other supporting documents, (such as delivery notes,) compound the complexity of getting the job done on time.

There are various solutions a company could consider. They can either acquire the software to enable them to do the job themselves, or enlist the services of an outsource company.

The capital cost of a comprehensive solution to enable a company to convert all their paper documents into electronic format, address the complexities of collating all the respective documents and then distributing the package via email, would be prohibitive.  The additional expense of up-skilling existing staff for a once-a-month process is another consideration that does not always fit into a company’s core competencies.

By using an expert in electronic document delivery to take care of all the processing and distribution of electronic statements, invoices and other necessary documents, a company can now focus on their key competencies and what they do best instead of having to worry every month-end about looking for staff to assist in this process.

The service provider will take care of all the underlying complexities of eBilling and the distribution of documents. Some key aspects of this is the adherence to South African Legislation, encryption of sensitive information, ensuring your emails are not blocked by mail servers and that your communication is not treated as spam.

Over and above the basics listed above, many companies need new ways to store and retrieve documents as they are not accessible in paper format. The solution selected should include a search and retrieval option for the electronic documents.

The decision to convert invoices and statements to electronic documentation makes for quicker document delivery that is more cost effective and reliable.

Through innovative decision making, companies can overcome the pitfalls of Month-end document distribution including the slow delivery of the post office with the help of technology and the effective use thereof.



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ACTNET is rated as a level 3 contributor BBBEE company and includes many Top 100 South African companies amongst its partners and customers. Details provided on request.

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