By Janine Buckley, Marketing Assistant, ACTNET

JOHANNESBURG – September 17, 2014 – During South Africa’s springtime, the country celebrates Arbor Month. Derived from the Latin arbor, meaning tree, Arbor Month highlights the essential role that trees play in sustainable development and the livelihoods of people and their environment, now and for the future. It also provides stakeholders with a platform to raise awareness of urban greening initiatives and encourages all communities and businesses to participate in various greening activities.

At the epicentre of environmental sustainability is the responsibility that we have to decrease carbon emissions today for the sake of future generations. The very essence of sustainability is protecting the future. It is about business practices that balance the interests of people and the planet with profitability. Thankfully, going green is beginning to weave its way into the fabric of organisations, with environmentally conscious companies initiating efforts to balance what is good for business with what is good for the planet. Similarly customers are challenging organisations to find better ways to protect and preserve resources. All of us are looking for ways to reduce the impact that we have on the environment. Vast resources are utilised by businesses every day to produce, print and post paper documents, such as invoices, statements, delivery notes, purchase orders and remittances. What we don’t always add into this equation are the high quantities of waste that are also produced during their disposal.

Fortunately this can be eliminated by replacing a slow, unreliable, and expensive manual service with a faster, more efficient electronic solution. With this in mind, just imagine the amount of energy and resources you could save by taking your document delivery online.

According to the environmental awareness organisation, Greenworks, it is estimated that one ton of carbon dioxide is offset by every five or six new trees planted, provided they live for 50 to 100 years. Yet with an electronic distribution delivery system, an average-sized company that sends out 12,000 invoices per month could save up to 14.4 tons annually (based on the established industry standard that producing and delivering a single paper invoice leaves a 100g carbon footprint). With an Electronic Distribution Delivery system, you could reduce your carbon footprint over every month of the year instead of just September, ensuring significant environmental and cost savings by eliminating paper and replacing the wasteful “print-send-archive-dispose” document cycle with a faster, greener process.

Environmentally responsible and business savvy

An Electronic Distribution Delivery and payment system is a comprehensive, scalable and affordable solution that allows companies to send invoices, statements and other financial documents such as payslips, contracts or policies electronically, while providing an easy electronic payment solution for customers. Getting vital financial documents out to customers quickly, and payments in just as quickly, is critical to business survival. Yet often the time and cost to process the data for print or to send these documents is too high.

Finance departments are frequently swamped by calls from customers who want their invoices resent to them, or who want to query a line item, but are unable to access their customer records in real time. There is no audit trail to show if the customer has actually received the invoice and no quick retrieval system for associated physical documents such as purchase orders and delivery notes.

An Electronic Distribution Delivery system is not just about sending invoices and statements electronically; it needs to have intelligent archiving, a secure storage database, document linking and sophisticated distribution system at its core, allowing quick access to customer records, real time response to customer queries, thus improving customer service, customer satisfaction and loyalty. With an Electronic Deliverysystem you are able to deliver financial documents to customers safely, quickly and affordably – with the added benefit of significantly reducing your company’s carbon footprint for generations to come.

How much could you save?


ACTNET is a privately owned company established in 1987. Its vision is to ensure that the vital business documents of both SMEs and enterprises are captured, archived, preserved and delivered to their customers. The company has developed a proprietary Electronic Documet Delivery (EDD) and Payment system that is unmatched in the South African environment. The company also specialises in enterprise output management, centralised print management, document management, document output and data enhancement.


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