By Gavin Dunlop, CEO, ACTNET

JOHANNESBURG – July 6, 2015 – Increasingly we face a type of digital age fatigue caused by the endless bombardment of information we face on a daily basis. Notifications and alerts constantly invade our lives with both important and worthless information that competes for our attention, distracting and overwhelming us. We have long been promised an intuitive future where technology serves us, not the other way around.

Now we are at last seeing that future take shape as innovative systems arrive to take the hassle out of the equation – like a new cloud-based document storage technology that will keep all your bills, statements, invoices and other electronic documents in order while replacing a physical mail box (as well as the manual sorting and filing that physical documents necessitate). EDDBox is a tool that makes the digital age work for the user, whether an individual or a corporate, saving time and resources while adding new levels of security and dependability to the process.

Users need only set up an account and upload the initial documents they wish to store. They’ll be given an EDDBox email address and when that address is cc’d in any correspondence with banks or clients in mails that contain attachments, such as bank statements or invoices, those attachments (and only the attachments) will be automatically stored in a pre-designated location on EDDBox. The user is able to create folders and subfolders and set up their own rules so that the documents always go straight to where they’re meant to be.

One of the key advantages of using cloud storage is accessibility, as everything stored on the cloud is always readily available provided there is an internet connection. This means that the user can access those documents to read, print or resend via their tablet or mobile phone whenever they need to, from wherever they are.

Security is the one word never far from anyone’s mind when the subject of cloud storage is discussed, and for good reason. Fears over security have done a lot to hinder cloud storage technology in achieving its full potential, but that is sure to change as services with air-tight security are given a chance to prove themselves. EDDBox boasts the highest levels of security, not only on the user’s account but on the individual documents stored within it. Once a document has been encrypted, only the user will ever be able to access it, provided they remember their password.

EDDBox is a step in the right direction towards a future that was envisioned long ago, where robot butlers wait to welcome us home with our favourite drink on a tray. It’s part of a bright, paperless future where technology is not only clever, but insightful. It’s a future where our lives are streamlined, saving people and businesses wasted time, money and energy.