Softlog.Enterprise provides a complete expense management solution that allows organisations to effectively automate cost recovery and expense management processes. This powerful, easy to use solution is based on a modular design, which means you can customise the product to meet your business needs.

The Softlog.Enterprise solution gives you the power to track, analyse and allocate the cost of every printed, copied, scanned, faxed or emailed document from a dedicated PC or touch station. Unlike other expense management systems, Softlog.Enterprise delivers a completely integrated solution capable of managing all your office expenses.


Softlog.copy-fax : Efficiently track and allocate the costs associated with copying and faxing : Track, record and allocate the cost of every communication and document emailed
Softlog.exceptions : Efficiently manage, monitor and allocate all disbursements
Softlog.follow&go : Gain control over your organisation’s printing costs
Softlog.onboard : An embedded solution for automated disbursements and expense management
Softlog.phones : Manage, monitor and recover phone call costs, charges and traffic
Softlog.print : Track, record and allocate the cost of every printed document
Softlog.scan : Capture and allocate the cost of every scanned document
Softlog.sundries : Accurately allocate additional sundry costs and charges