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“You simply don’t hear about such decreases in our industry,” says Wilson of the numbers. “Every month, there’s an improvement. There’s just so much less time wasted posting invoices. We have more time to do what is expected of us.

EnviroServ now has greater visibility into customer transactions, which has improved collections efficiency tremendously. EDD’s reporting capabilities allow them to catch potential compliance and billing issues such as overlooked protocols and missing supporting documents, leading to greater SARS and auditing compliance.

There are also the added benefits of keeping transaction data in the cloud, such as business continuity and efficient customer service. EnviroServ is now able to engage easier with customer queries, as any information can be accessed in real-time by both parties at the click of a button.

“If I look at my results, it’s fantastic to see how things have improved over the last year,” says Wilson. “The biggest plus was that my staff finally had the time to do their work rather than sit around licking stamps.”


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Credit Controllers: “As all emailed invoices and statements are stored on the EDD system, we can access any invoice or statement and email it to a customer immediately. We still have some clients that wish to receive hardcopy invoices but this is lessening as time progresses. With the current post office strike, we have converted more than 300 customers to email. The result is happy customers receiving their invoices and statements with super-fast ACTNET service.”

Before EDD was implemented, we printed invoices/statements and posted via the post office. The mail-house had 48 hours to produce proofs, print the invoices/statements and deliver them to a third party for postage. From there we just hoped customers received their documents.” And then we had a call from ACTNET.

After the initial setup and proof runs, the first month started with one division’s invoices. The following month all divisions’ invoices were sent out via email. The statements followed and then the main marketing tools were added. We were invited to attach an advert or notice to our customer invoice or statement, which is now used to inform our clients of other services and specials that we may be running.

The turnaround time was cut down to less than 24-hours even on weekends; we upload our invoices/statements to the FTP-site, ACTNET would then email proofs for approval. Once we have approved the invoice/statement proofs, the documents are released and customers receive their emails within 2 hours.

The emailing partnership between ACTNET and Rentokil Initial has added value to our customers by ensuring they receive their invoices and statements on time.

We are still in the process of converting all our customers to email which will enhance our postage and printing savings even more.


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“We were lucky if we could get statements out before the 15th of the month, now once the invoices are ready we send them to ACTNET and they are emailed from anywhere between 1 to 48 hours,” said De Kock.

“The transition to EDD went very smoothly, we thought it would take months but it was very quick and easy. In the first month we were able to convert 230 clients with no complaints, most of those being our business clients. ACTNET’s staff are very experienced and they know what they are talking about.”

“We are very happy that it is no longer our problem so we can focus on what we do best with the peace of mind that our invoices and statements will be securely and accurately sent out. “

“A major benefit for us is that we also have immediate access via the EDD portal to customer records with a complete audit trail, so we can see what was mailed, when and we can respond quickly to customer queries.”

“The next step for us is to convert all our customers to receive invoices and statements electronically because it is quicker, more cost effective and reliable.”